In preparation for 2021, the fifth centenary of the first Mass and first Baptism in the Philippines, the CBCP called for a nine-year Era of New Evangelization. 2013 was the Year of Integral Faith Formation. It coincided with the Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI. 2014 is the Year of the Laity. "Called to be saints... sent forth as heroes", the Filipino Catholic Laity are challenged to “Choose to be Brave"!

"Laity," comes from the Greek word "Laos," which means "people". The Laity are baptized, confirmed Christians who belong to God's people. They are neither priests nor nuns. The mission of the laity is to direct the whole world towards God. God sends the laity so that they might share God's love to others by their family and occupation in the midst of the world. God calls the laity to be holy and what empowers to respond is love.


  • The heart in the "Choose to be Brave" logo symbolizes LOVE.

  • The rays behind the hand symbolizes where the laity can be found: in the world, from all walks of life.

  • The open hand symbolizes the decision of the laity to respond to the call of mission. It also represents "generosity."

  • The rays symbolize the areas of the world where the Laity are called to bring the light of Christ. We are to "go out" and "make disciples"!

  • The flame over the heart symbolizes the ardor that the Spirit of Jesus ignites in our hearts so that we may "choose to be brave!"