Broken Families: Wounded Family, Wounded Healer


Help Wounded Families:

  • RECEIVE God’s healing for their hearts and relationships

  • REACH out to other wounded families

Formation Through Media


  • Produce an Online Video Series Wounded Family, Wounded Healer, featuring testimonies of wounded families healed by God—Broadcast starting January 2014

  • Produce a website containing the videos, blog, counselling, legal advice

  • Produce Social Media—FB, etc. that leads to Website

TV and Radio

  • Produce a Holy Week TV show, Wounded Family, Wounded Healer, for major networks (GMA 7 or IBC-13, or ABC 5.)

  • Produce a Wounded Family Wounded Healer Video Series and broadcast to partner Cable Channels all over the country.

  • Produce a Radio version of Wounded Family, Wounded Healer for Radio Veritas


  • Produce Wounded Family, Wounded Healer article series in Kerygma magazine

  • Produce Wounded Family, Wounded Healer Article Series for broadsheets (Inquirer/Star/ Bulletin)


  • Promote Website/Video Shows/TV Shows for SMS

  • Promote through Mobile Apps/Mobile Sites


  • Organize a Wounded Family Wounded Healer Seminars to be run in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao

  • Organize Connect Groups for graduates of the Wounded Family, Wounded Healer Seminar.

  • Organize a Wedding for Wounded Family, Wounded Healer Seminar participants at the Mass during the Kerygma Conference 2014 in Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

  • Create a Counselling Team/Legal Team (Secular/Church) that can do telephone and one-to-one counseling for viewers/readers/participants.