Civic Organizations


  • Have a collaborative effort of bringing different civic organization to share talents and potential to the evangelization work of the Church.

  • To make every group and its member to be at the forefront and catalyst of renewal and formation amongst other group inside and outside the Church.

  • To be involved and have a pro active role in the many efforts of the Church towards renewal and formation amongst their own group and area of influence.


  • Identify the major Civic Organizations and designate contact person; Send out letters of introduction/intent; set up committees; cultivate existing relationships; establish goodwill. Contacted Civic Organizations: Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Zonta Club of Baguio; SM Cares Foundation; Rotary Club of Alabang; Rotary Club of Mati, Davao

  • Throughout 2014, schedule meetings with their Board of Trustees or Officers and give a brief overview of the Programs of Work with the Poor and Habitat with Humanity; explore means to promote this with the general membership

    If ever, also schedule pertinent/inspirational talks by Bishops or Priests/Nuns at a regular monthly/weekly meeting of the Civic Organization

  • Introduce to Civic Organizations (in collaboration with WWP Coordinator/s) the Programs of Work with the Poor Sites and 100 Habitat For Humanity Sites and find out where they can get involved


  • CBCP Launch on 30 November 2013; Invite top officers of Civic Organizations to attend

  • Breakfast meeting

  • Fora and Forum about “Role of Lay groups in the Churchs' mission

  • Medical Mission in poor communities in a certain parish


  • Create an umbrella Civic Movement where they come together on a yearly basis.

  • Oneness of different groups towards the same goal “Magkakaiba pero iisa”

  • Significant and pro active role of organization and group to Church activities.

Time Frame

November 2013 to October 2014
March 2014: Breakfast forum
April/May 2014: Medical Mission
June/July: Forum and Fora


Evangelizing Civic Organizations through their subtle involvement in Church work by practicing acts of kindness – SIMBAYANIHAN

By being actively involved in preparation for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation through sponsorship of their less privileged brethren, the members of the Civic Organizations will be acquainted with the realities of the Church. This may be a “reverse evangelization”.