Workers, Farmers, Fisher folks & Contractual workers


The celebration of the year of the laity for the assigned sectors should leave a legacy that would be beneficial to the assigned sectors and to the country.

  • To form a national-level unity of the assigned sectors and the leaders of CBCP in order to address the pressing issues faced by the assigned sectors, in the form of a group/alliance/loose coalition and the likes.

  • To reflect the said unity in regional level, diocese level and parish level.

  • To celebrate the year of the laity through festive and creative form of formation.


  • Working people’s assembly (Luzon-wide, Visayas-wide, Mindanao-wide)

  • Assemblies of Church people (academe, clergy, laity) with sector leaders as resource speakers.

  • Assemblies of workers, farmers, fisher folks and contractual workers with Church people as resource speakers. (Topic is Social Teachings of the Church)

  • Issuance of CBCP Pastoral Letter for the Labor Day Celebration encouraging the unity of the Church people and poor sectors to struggle for change and social justice.

  • Issuance of pamphlets about the celebration –Year of the laity and Social Teachings of the Church. Film showing (Maybe done during assemblies, Films are from the sectors)

  • Song writing competition, poster making competition about the 4 assigned sectors.

  • Mural making competition. Murals are to be painted on selected places/walls or near Church/Catholic vicinities. Awarding is also during the concert.


  • Declaration of Solidarity to the Working People (Isang simbahang kumikilos at nakiisa sa mga mahihirap) with a call to action of formation of groups to address issues. (CBCP leaders and leaders of sectors)

  • Concert for the working people. (Pagsamba, Pakikibaka, Musika at Pahinga)

  • Fun Run for regular jobs decent living and pro-people economic policies. (A fun/motorcade run for workers, farmers, fisher folks and church

  • Eucharistic celebrations –Feasts of St. Joseph the Worker, San Isidro Labrador, Anniversaries or Rerum Novarum, laborem Exercens and Labor Day (Quirino Grandstand)


  • A national –level unity of the assigned sectors and the leaders of CBCP

  • Regional level, diocesan level and parish level unity of the sectors, bishops, clergy and church people

  • Parangal sa mga bayani. Issuance of plaque or recognition to the leaders of the sectors, living and dead, who spent their lives in struggling for justice.