Rank & File Government Employees


  • To instill and inspire rank and file government employees of the virtues of honesty and integrity in public service. We will treat this activity as a rare opportunity to execute an extra ordinary campaign that would not just benefit the government and its employees but also a chance to really create POSITIVE CHANGE in our society


  • Positive Messaging: - we thank, honor and celebrate them:- a great shift from trying to push a message that they might feel repulsive from.

  • Boost the Morale of Rank and File Employee: - Instead of a one-way campaign, we can boost the morale of these employees by urging them to share their stories of being honest government employees. In other words, rather than telling them how to live and work with dignity, we can shift our messaging to a more unexpected one.

  • Emotional and Inspirational Messaging: - To genuinely THANK these employees for their sacrifices and let them feel that they are our HEROES for their daily delivery of social services to our people. We thank them for their honest services, their undying effort, for their extra mile work, and genuine concern for our fellowmen.


  • Campaign to celebrate them: - We honor them. We make them proud of their work/achievements. We shall inspire them and try to bring out their innate goodness and values thus achieving our objectives.

  • DELIVERY OF MESSAGE: - . Testimonial videos of honest government employees and their lives, struggles and how in the end they remain proud of their honest and dignified service could be utilized. These will be released through the major television networks and through social media. The videos can even be played in the lobbies of the various government offices

  • Other Approaches: -

    • Meet with Civil Service Commission Chairman Francisco Duque to request his assistance to effectively carry out this program with rank and file government employees.

    • Starting point: National Capital Region where we could meet with the various directors of government offices.

    • Utilize the services and assistance of various Regional Directors to effectively reach out their respective rank and file employees.

    • Employees be encouraged to make a daily account of their honest deeds by completing the sentence: “I have done an act of honesty today because _________________________________________________” which they can give to their supervisors for possible delivery to us; or they may post in their respective facebook or twitter accounts.

    • Slogans or phrases of Honesty and Integrity may be prominently displayed in various areas of government offices.

    • Appoint, select or designate coordinators in different areas or regions or diocese.

    • Coordinate with other dioceses through their respective bishops and parish pastoral councils.