Homeless and Jobless

Less for Self, More for Others, Enough for All

The resources of the world are not only for the good of some individuals, but for all. No one is excluded. No one is unduly favored. Whatever resources God allows a person to have is held under stewardship. Of course, the steward, as part of the human race God has provided for, can also use and enjoy what he holds. But he does so in a spirit of detachment. He realizes that it is not for his use and enjoyment alone, but for him to use for the good of others as well, in accordance with God’s own plan.

Now having this principle of stewardship in mind and at heart, we can proceed to look at the three S’s involved in working for total human liberation: Simple Lifestyle, Sharing of Resources, Social Justice. And remember, the goals of these three S’s are:

  • Less for self.

  • More for others.

  • Enough for all.


  • To network with Foundations and Movements who are into Building Homes for the Poor and Providing Livelihood Programs


  • LIFE IN CHRIST SEMINAR --The LCS is an integrated course intended to lead seminar participants into a renewed understanding of God’s call to them as Catholics. It comprises a total of 9 separate sessions. The sessions have basic ingredients: prayers, a teaching, a group discussion.

    The LCS has one basic purpose: bringing participants to a personal relationship with Jesus, and getting them started on living a truly Spirit-filled Christian life. It is about transformation in Christ and renewal in the Spirit. It is about bringing nominal or lapsed Catholics back to God and back to the Church.

  • LIVE PURE - Live Pure is a movement of the young that promotes and defends the culture of LIFE. This is not just a passing advocacy defined by the signs of the times, but rather, to Live Pure is our identity. Our passion to Live Pure is the root of who we are and what we do. We breathe, we move, we think and we exist to Live Pure!

    VISION: We are a Catholic movement committed to a life of purity, leading young men and women in pursuit of life’s true meaning according to their destiny in Christ.

    MISSION: We are pro-life advocates striving for purity of mind, eyes, speech and body. We commit to share our conviction by giving young people opportunities to realize and live out the value of human dignity and fraternal relationships.

  • NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING --the Natural Family Planning method of Ely and Feling Porsuelo of Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines.


    • Couple participation is a must.

    • All methods have to be taught: BBT, Mucus, Lactational and Sympto-Thermal.

    • Priority given to teaching the methods; value component given through workshops and follow up.

    • Charting is a must.

    • Community-based delivery system

  • LITURGICAL BIBLE STUDY -- The LBS is a Catholic Bible Study methodology using the readings of the Sunday liturgy. The methodology has two distinct parts: the study proper and the contextualization. Its features are:

    • It is a group study and facilitated - therefore highly participative employing the question and answer format all based on and drawn from the biblical text.

    • Not scholarly however the study is serious enough to allow the many details of the biblical text (its meaning and context) to surface.

    • Structured, thorough and deliberate as the study goes verse by verse (himay method) but allowing flexibility through group interaction.

    • Accurate because exploring of the connections between readings leaves very little room for mis-interpretation.

  • VALUES FORMATION FOR YOUTH and KIDS -- These are modules aimed to form the youth to become better persons and eventually empower them to become leaders as well.

  • Mothers Circle - The Basic Mothers’ Program is the initial program undergone by the members of a Mothers’ Circle. It is a two-module program consisting of 39 sessions. Even if the MC meets every two weeks, it is not expected that the BMP will be completed in 78 weeks. Together with other activities (e.g., cooking demonstrations, rummage sales) inserted upon the discretion of the MC Leader, this BMP may extend up to two years.


  • “Bigay Buhay, Bigay Pugay” Work with the Poor Event

  • Monthly “Kapitbahayan” Gathering in all sites


  • Present Work with the Poor program to the Diocese and Parish (Stated above)

  • Present Work with the Poor program to the Home Owner associations

  • Form teams per site

  • Train site leaders for implementation of program

  • Conduct Community life program and formation track

  • Once a month “Kapitbahayan” gathering

  • No One in Need Movement

    The No One in Need Movement

    This 2014, the Year of the Laity, we are responding to a greater call from God - the call to live a preferential option for the poor so that there will be No One in Need (NON). No One in Need is a Catholic movement that has a mission to share the teachings of Jesus as a strong base of developing sustainable faith-based communities. It is our privilege to receive this calling to be God’s instruments in bringing His grace and generosity to those in need.

    NON’s vision comes from the example of the first community of disciples where they shared everything they have with the community, including the least amongst them. This is what NON hopes to accomplish - to develop communities where there is the culture of love and sharing, where the love for God is manifested in how brethren in community live and relate with one another.

    NON wants to build communities where skills and talents are developed, where children have access to good education, where families can enjoy decent homes, where beauty is exhibited in the simplicity of living. We have several community-building programs that will bring to life our response to the call and mission of the movement: Shelter, Health, Education, Environment, Livelihood and Community life.

    We are called to live Christ and share Christ. We shall continue to spread the good news and build God’s kingdom where there are people in need. We believe that love of neighbor, especially the poorest of the poor, is the concrete step towards greater love of God.

    Be part of the No One In Need Movement!

    Know more about NON by visiting and liking:

Time Frame

  • Six months Formation Programs starting November 2013 to June 2014