Public School Teachers

A.C.T.S. 4

(A Movement Advocating the Adopt-a-School Program)

A - Advocating

C - Change

T - Through

S - Schools

“But many who heard the message believed; so the number of men who believed grew to about five thousand.”
Acts 4:4

The Educational Foundation Inc. (EFI) has just recently renewed its Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Education last December 2012. It has also received the approval of the training materials in February 2012.

The Training and Development package where our partnership falls under states that “private sector groups and individuals can extend assistancenot only to school children but also to their teachers. Sponsoring training programs in education institutions will greatly help our teachers gain relevant skills that will update their knowledge and increase their effectiveness in the classroom.” (DepEd Adopt-a-School Program)

We have, however, gone beyond this. We believe that more important than purely technical skills, the teachers need to be formed in the right values and virtues that they will eventually resound to their students. We have included the other stakeholders in the public school system. We have included in our regular formation offering the parents and the students themselves. Using this holistic approach to values formation and values clarification is the contribution that we as a community are providing to further strengthen the basic moral fiber that has been missing among our students, teachers, parents and families that we need for a more progressive Christian nation.


The ultimate goal is to get all stakeholders in the public school evangelized – teachers, parents, and students through the ACTS 4 Program

Formation – expand reach to other DepEd Regions (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)

  • Life in Christ Seminars (LCS)

  • CROSSWORKS- a corporate evangelization program “Bringing God`s cause to where the singles are”. It aims to speak and proclaim the Word of God in the different offices, agencies and workplace where the singles are.

  • Liturgical Bible Study (LBS)for public schools (to be closely coordinated with the respective parishes)

  • Marriage Enrichment Retreats for parents and teachers

  • Live Pure forums for students

  • B4K Program (Binyag, Kumpil, Komunyon, Kumpisal, Kasal) for public schools (to be closely coordinated with the respective parishes)


  • Cell groupings/prayer groups to be formed among teachers

  • Coordination with the parish where the public school belongs to ensure that the Holy Eucharist is celebrated regularly


  • Sustenance through “formed”/empowered DepEd Heads, Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students

  • Collaboration of schools with their respective parishes