We have been called to share in Christ’s mission to spread the truth through our words and actions. To reach out to those who are in need of us. The 12 sectors of society represent different groups of individuals who need the loving and courageous help of every Christian. We have a vocation to serve others through everyday acts of Love. By choosing to reach out to the different sectors, we Choose to be Brave.

The 12 Sectors

Non-practicing Catholics

Find out how you can help bring back to the Church our brothers and sisters, who are not serious with the Catholic faith, or who have left the church for other sects & religious denominations.

Young Professionals

Help empower young professionals to act as force for good in the society we live in. The youth can be saints!

Broken Families

Learn how you can take part in reaching out to broken homes and families. Broken families are called to be holy!

Homeless and Jobless

Find out how you can support informal settlers and contractual workers through church based programs and summits. We, just like Jesus, are one with them.

Homebound and Prisoners

Reach out to those who have been bound to seclusion: the sick, handicapped, elderly, and prisoners. Help restore hope into their lives!

Farmers, Fisher folks & Laborers

With your help, you can animate and make Farmers, Fisher folks, and Laborers (FAFILAB) effective agents of evangelization.

Troubled Friends

By your loving words and understanding, you can heal those who are struggling with addiction of drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling & cyberspace, assuring them of God's salvation.

Government Employees

Be a part of a program that will instill integrity and honesty in the hearts of rank and file government employees.

Civic Orgs

Being socially responsible is a choice. Choose to help in the social transformation of all major civic groups, promoting the spirit of volunteerism based on faith and solidarity.

Public School Teachers

Support in the formation of public school teachers that they may be animated to teach ethics and moral values to their students.

Indigenous People

Participate in a program that highlights exemplary Catholic leaders of indigenous peoples. We show our gratitude to them since the Church is a custodian of culture and integrity of creation.

Lay Saints and Catholic Filipino Heroes

Be part of the campaign against the Halloween scare, highlighting people who can inspire us to live holy lives.