Troubled Friends

First, we would like to propose a website which will be linked to the official website of the project. In that website we will upload newsletter articles written by Nazareth residents about various topics, art work, songs, etc. to name a few.Another project we can start with is the symposiums in different schools, jails and churches. We will not make them mandatory.


Will be writing articles on addiction in the “Young Blood” column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Spiritual journals of the broken

  • What/Who is an addict?

  • Facts and Fallacies (doesn’t have to be the way it is in the movies)

  • Letters to God

  • Prayers of the Broken

  • Parents’ testimonials

  • Siblings’ testimonials

  • Parents to write or talk

  • Newspaper articles

  • Magazine

  • Poetry and art

  • Residents will write about how they can relate their lives to the lives of the saints or biblical characters

  • Articles from seminarians who underwent processing

  • Talk about their experienceso How spirituality reinforced our motivations

  • Newsletter

  • How spirituality reinforces our motivations to change

  • Use Tito Bob’s articles – categories

    • Whole or excerpts

  • Articles – testimony – book



Speaking engagements (youth groups, parents, schools, churches)

  • Video tape the speaking engagement and upload it on the internet

  • Jamming with the Lord at different schools

  • Education

  • Signs of addiction

  • Internet Gaming

  • Eating Disorder

  • Addiction isn’t just about drugs or alcohol

  • Facts

  • Recommend books – book review

  • Testimony after education

  • Video tape Tito Bob giving a seminar

  • Addiction profiles – tell it as it is

  • Upload powerpoints online


  • Make a website and upload short videos of testimonies from residents about their story

  • Use social media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

  • Short play/film (concept play)

  • Blog: online support group – remain anonymous

  • 1 for parents, 1 for anonymous addicts

  • Publish books or magazines online

  • Website will contain:

    • Daily videos

    • Stories of inspiration from residents

    • Articles from newsletters (excerpts)

    • Excerpts from journals (201)

    • Videos of residents doing fun activities in recovery

    • Online journals – anonymous

    • Facebook: Wounded Healers

    • YouTube

    • Candid segments

    • Spiritual Journey


  • Show videos of Apostolate, Summer Camp (short film)

  • Videos of Jamming with the Lord

  • Videos of Jamming with the Lord

  • Videos of seminars on concepts

  • Clips of people who are happy and successful

  • Follow the re-entry for a day at work

  • Transitions/phases of a recovering addict

  • Clips showing signs of an addict then solutions on how to treat them using the Nazareth Concepts

  • The Newer Bob Garon Debates

  • Make a short film (Ray’s style) about addiction

  • Before and after write-up – act out the story

  • Video/Testimony – Articles with facts

  • Video of a PEP session – recovering addict with an understanding parent