Young Professionals


  • To gather young professionals, entrepreneurs, and entertainers and make them our active co-sojourners in the Catholic Church.

  • To focus on the unchurched and the “disillusioned”

  • To conceptualize and implement nationwide activities geared at gathering and involving this sector.


  • Methodology:

    • Enlightening & Enriching yet Interactive, Entertaining, and Fun

  • Identify inspirational speakers and facilitators

Training and Formation Programs – may be indoor or outdoor; structured or experiential

Sample Topics:

  • Becoming a “TRUE” Team Player (Community-Building; Building Communio)

    • May be a half-day or one-day outdoor challenge activity for 500 young professionals – several schedules so more can attend

  • Developing the “LEADER” in YOU and ME

  • Creating a Happy and Motivating Workplace (Spirituality in the Workplace) Dealing with STRESS the “RIGHT” Way (How Prayer and Developing A Closer Relationship with Christ can Help One Deal with Stress)

  • Living a Meaningful Life (Spir-Socio-Pol-Eco-Env Awareness) – may be an outreach program (or several) tied to or co-sponsored by other institutions

Computer or Internet Applications

Sample Projects:

  • APPS on Quotable Quotes from Inspirational Speakers to be posted o Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

  • Use Youtube –“Message for the Day/Week for the Young Professionals” (short message based on Gospel Verse for the Day as applicable to the young professionals)

  • Computer Games – 4 Pics 1 Word version of the Catechism or Discovering the Mysteries in the Bible, etc.

Radio Programs for the Young Professionals

Tie-up with Radio Veritas or the Radio stations of Ms. Nida Vera

Sample themes:
Mon: Career Advice
Tues: Family Issues
Wed. Love Life
Thurs: Dealing w/ stress
Fri: Becoming a Better Leader



  • Launch major activities nationwide to gather and to encourage the active participation of the young professionals, entrepreneurs and entertainers as they CELEBRATE “Life” with Christ.

Sample Projects:

  • Concert –featuring popular church bands and popular local bands and practicing Catholic entertainers; inspirational speakers like Bo Sanchez, etc.

  • Prayer Rally/ Healing Mass/Concerts

  • Grand Salo-Salo/Movie Premiere/ Big Fellowship: pot-luck banchetto style or boodle fight; bring anything to share-no specific quantity or kind; (multiplication of loaves); target as many attendees in a big venue – Celebrate New Life in Christ Together

  • Grand Recollections/ Interactive Stations of the Cross for the Lent.



  • Conceptualize and implement programs and projects that will continue till past the CBCP Year of the Laity

Sample Projects:

  • Establish Young Professionals /Entrepreneurs/Entertainers Support Ministry/Groups in Dicoeses/Parishes-like the born-again movements have

    • 24-hour Hotline/Email Support for the Young Professionals in need.

      More Mass schedules in parishes so those working odd hours or graveyard shifts may have an opportunity to hear mass especially during Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

      Continuing Outreach Programs to be led by this sector.

      Some formation and celebration programs may continue (computer apps/games, social networking, Youtube programs, etc.


Support Requirements:

1.Human and material resources

2.Massive ad/info campaign on the projects and activities

3.Tie-ups/network with other groups/institutions for better coverage/mileage

4.Support of the clergy and the religious and the CBCP/Dioceses in general